Picture of a Petri dish. SeeForth Cleaning Services offer a biofogging services to help with infection control

COVID-19 is our current health risk that has affected all our lives. Infection control is now a number one priority.

Bio-fogging, also knowns as antibacterial fogging is an essential solution for infection control. The bio-fogging process emits very fine droplets of a chemical into the air as a dry mist. This sterilises all enclosed areas of bacteria from hard surfaces, soft fabrics and infections in the area. It eliminates any further growth or cross contamination. This is an effective method of infection control and enables organisations to combat health threats such as Coronavirus, MRSA. C. Diff and Norovirus.

Our services and products are individually tailored to help combat the spread of infection from germs, pathogens and bacteria. For a free quotation and info on how we can help your business, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days are lost to your organisation due to illness? According to the IID2 Study the incidence of infectious intestinal disease (IID) in the community in the UK is substantial, with around 25% of the population suffering from an episode of IID in a year – equivalent to 17 million cases annually.  50% of people with IID reported absence from school or work because of their symptoms. This represents nearly 19 million days lost (more than 11 million days lost in people of working age).

There are many variable conditions that make a business run and each has to be considered on its own merits, thus a straight forward answer is not possible. In schools and nurseries for example this would mostly be carried out during the school holidays or at weekends, even within this scope each school and nursery has different schedules and activities.

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No. This method produces a dry mist which leaves no film or residue so is completely safe and has no damaging effects to surfaces or equipment. The bio-fogging technique was initially designed to sterilise hospital theatres before and after surgeries where very expensive and sensitive equipment is used, therefore our system is safe.

Yes. The technology was initially developed to be used in operating theatres to provide a clean and sterile environment. The technology has been further adapted to be used in other environments and meets stringent EU standards for safety and effectiveness.

Bio-fogging is an extremely effective sterilisation method. Non-toxic bacterial killing biocides are used in the process to destroy viruses, fungi, spores and bacteria such as Influenza, MRSA, C.Difficile, Meningitis and Norovirus. The biocides we use meets stringent guidelines of the European Unions Directive of Biocide Standards for Safety and Effectiveness.

The bio-fogging process begins with one of our technicians carrying out a site survey to assess what infections/viruses are present. Based on the findings we implement a program for your business and we sterilise the areas using biocidal fogging. Once each area has been treated our technician will produce a final report and you will be issued a certificate to show the area has be treated and is now sterilised.

This process is vital as it dramatically reduces the cross-infection and transmission of viral infections that can be a more resistant problem later.

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Our services and products are individually tailored to the needs of each business to help combat and prevent infections and outbreaks

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